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Is change something positive or negative? How can I control it?

What is the most terrifying thing about it? Change is inevitable. In this world of technological advances, where there is always something new, cutting edge technology is obsolete the following year. Education is not free from sin and even more if you study IT. If you study medicine half of everything you learned will be obsolete in five years and you will need to put constant effort to keep up.

Change can knock on your door without warning, whether due to the death of a family member, an unexpected dismissal (being laid off), a price increase that forces you to buy other products or the company changing a process that you are familiar. In some cases that same company may decide to relocate you (that has already happened to me a couple of times).

Just as we cannot control the emotions we feel but how to react to them, the same happens with change, although many times we are not prepared to take those steps.

How many times the first thing we do when we are presented with new things is fear instead of joy for the new opportunity?

Change can make us feel insecurity because, just as an obsolete cell phone is discarded, we think that other people's opinions about us can be affected if we fail to adapt. It is something primitive in us, fear comes from the thought of being alienated if we are slow to learn, being removed from the group, ending in our "death."

The main reason for rejection originates from fear of our potential harm. When the opportunity to live in a new place appears, in many cases the feeling of adventure does not come from experiencing new things, but the fear of not knowing anyone and not achieving stability fast. When we change jobs, we think "what would happen if the people I work with or my boss doesn’t like me?"

If we are the expert of Microsoft Word 2003 in the office and everyone uses us as a reference, changing to the 2015 version because the company has the budget is one of the worst things that could happen to us.

So how can we prepare for a change that in many cases is unexpected?

Many tools can be found on the internet. In many cases the advice is to keep up to date so that the change does not affect you much, learn new things from your trade regularly, take online courses and develop soft skills such as time management to deal with uncertain moments, but there is no clear preparation that one can take for a teenager who changes to a different high school, there is no preparation for when your boss appears with the bad news that they have to let you go. For this we have to develop our Emotional Intelligence before the change, being vital to learn:

· What is the worst that this change could have for me?

· Are there people who can help me overcome this situation?

· How long will it take me to adapt to my current situation?

These are preventive questions, questions that can help us deal with our possible anxiety about problems that can happen, putting our feet on the ground without giving the mind a chance to wander, and then you can ask more encouraging new questions such as:

· How many new things will I be able to learn?

· How many new people will I meet?

· How will this experience enrich our life?

Being able to get to know ourselves at key moments, allowing us to see the glass as half full can help us to rise higher than we were before, since every moment of crisis is a hidden opportunity. Being resilient is not only the ability to get up in the face of adversity, but the power to resurface stronger.

For you, how do you prepare for the changes?

Feel it!!!

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